Test The first plenary meeting of agricultural Economics and Management Teaching Steering Committee of Yunnan Colleges and Universities was held
April 22, 2022  

On March 22, 2019, the first plenary meeting of the 2018-2022 Agricultural Economics and Management Teaching Steering Committee of Yunnan Colleges and Universities (hereinafter referred to as "AGRICULTURAL Economics and Education Steering Committee") was held in Tea Garden of Yunnan Agricultural University. Professor Sun Haiqing, vice president of Yunnan Agricultural University and chairman of AGROeconomic Education Steering Committee attended the meeting and introduced the preparatory work of agroeconomic Education steering committee.

At the meeting, Hu Xianqi, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Yunnan Agricultural University, read the Notice of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education on Announcing the first Batch of Personnel list of Yunnan Higher Education Steering Committee for 2018-2022 (Yunjiaofa [2018] No. 118). The present AGROeconomic Education Steering Committee is composed of 15 experts and scholars, among which the two deputy chairmen are Professor Xiao Ying of Yunnan University and Professor Long Qin of Southwest Forestry University. The secretary-general is Professor Zhao Yaqiao, dean of the School of Economics and Management of Yunnan Agricultural University. The other 11 members are from Yunnan Normal University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan Minzu University, Yunnan Open University, West Yunnan Science and Technology Normal College, Yunnan Provincial Rural Economic Operation and Management Station, Kunming Agricultural Development and Investment Co., LTD., Yunnan Lidar Biological Technology Co., LTD., Yunnan Green Crystal Seed Industry Co., LTD., And Yunnan Honghe Bangda Industry Co., LTD. After the reading, Chairman Sun Haiqing awarded the appointment letters to the vice chairmen, secretary general and members.

Subsequently, the committee members implemented the spirit of the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Colleges and Universities, insisted on "taking the foundation as the foundation" and "Four returns", and studied the Constitution of Yunnan Provincial Teaching Steering Committee (Yunjiaofa (2018) No. 158). Members had in-depth discussions on the work plan and teaching reform of the current SESSION of THE COMMISSION, and discussed the work plan of the Commission (2018-2022) and the 2019 work plan of the Commission. It is suggested to carry out educational reform project reform, core curriculum system construction, inter-school cooperation, foreign exchange and other teaching work on the platform of agricultural Economic Education Steering Committee. At the same time, the integration of industry and education, cooperation with enterprises to carry out order-type training, improve and strengthen training programs and practice teaching. Finally, all members reviewed and approved the work plan and 2019 annual work plan of AGROeconomic Education Steering Committee. All the members of the agricultural Economics Education Steering Committee expressed their sincere satisfaction for the convening of the meeting and looked forward to the development of agricultural economics teaching.